Friends with benefits

Your health and wellbeing stretches beyond personal fitness. And so do we.

From nutrition and beauty to spa packages, Eqvvs’ friends have an approach that’s much the same as ours: personal, attentive and brilliantly effective.

Urban Retreat @ Home

Imagine the indulgence of a glamorous spa so personalised that it comes to you. We love Urban Retreat @ Harrods. In fact, we love it so much that you can now enjoy Urban Retreat at Eqvvs, or even at home.

It is the perfect accompaniment to your personal training. Feel fabulous with Eqvvs; look stunning with the pampering, beautifying and invigorating skills of Urban Retreat @ Home.

You can download a brochure here (PDF 2.6 MB), or meet your therapist

Nutrition Rocks

Looking and feeling amazing is so much easier when you love what’s inside too. Let inspirational dietician Hala El Shafie of Nutrition Rocks help change the way you feel by changing the way you eat.

A health writer and consultant, Hala writes a nutrition column for an international medical journal and regularly contributes to some of the UK’s leading lifestyle publications including Grazia, Red and YOU Magazine.

To talk to Hala and change your relationship with food, contact us.

RH Nutrition

Robert Hobson is a public health nutritionist, a BSc in Human Nutrition and MSc in Public Health Nutrition. Registered with the Nutrition Society, Robert helps organisations meet nutrition standards and legislation.

He works with a number of London NHS Trusts, NHS Scotland and local authorities and has written for a number of food and nutrition related publications. When you need some expert advice about your nutrition, we call Robert.

To talk to Robert and change your relationship with food, contact us.

The Detox Kitchen

Complement your programme at Eqvvs with amazing food that supports your fitness work. Every day The Detox Kitchen picks fresh, organic ingredients and adds love and imagination to create amazing dishes.

Then, while you’re asleep, they deliver to doorsteps across London. You wake to find a new day of tastes ahead of you. Stunning food combinations that taste fabulous and make you feel even better.

And tomorrow, you get to do it all again.

Talk to us about creating a perfect diet to support your personal training.

Soulmate Food

Living a healthy lifestyle would be an awful lot easier if you had more time, wouldn’t it? Soulmate Food creates more than stunning menus. It creates time.

Based in Harrods, Soulmate Food can create a new, bespoke 5* menu for Eqvvs clients every day. Five meals a day are delivered fresh to your door wherever you are in the UK. Everything’s organic and tailored to your tastes. Nothing’s frozen, and there are no colourings, additives or preservatives.

You’ll never need to shop for food or chop a vegetable ever again. Find out more.

Urban Physio

If you’re recovering from surgery, overcoming injuries or trying to abolish pain, Urban Physio will help you get back to full fitness faster.

All Urban Physio physiotherapists are fully qualified members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and offer a tailored rehabilitation programme. Specialising in musculoskeletal and sports injuries ranging from simple rehabilitation to complex multi fracture conditions, Urban Physio helps you reach your potential.

Pure XP

If you’re working hard on your fitness the ‘Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA)’ may not quite fit the bill. That’s why Eqvvs has included PureXP’s Superfood Elite in the Soulmate menu.

Superfood Elite is a powerful raw blend, packed full of 29 ingredients and bursting with bio-active compounds and antioxidiants. One teaspoon is 100% of all your RDA’s!

Download superfood elite capsule brochure (PDF 462 kB)

Ki Fit @ Eqvvs

We all burn calories differently. Knowing exactly how much you burn can make a dramatic difference to the rate at which you lose weight. The Ki Fit is a clinically proven multi sensor armband that helps you make educated choices about your diet and exercise.

It’s proven to help users lose weight – on average 3 times as much as those who go it alone.

Talk to us about making Ki Fit a part of your personal training.