Jade Parfitt Interview

By September 8, 2015Uncategorized
Jade Parfitt Photo

How long have you been training at Eqvvs?

3 Years!!! (Woah!)

What’s your favourite workout move?

My favourite moves are assisted pull-ups. IΒ have noticed a huge difference in my upper body and back strength since I started doing these bad boys at Eqvvs.

What’s your food heaven/food hell?

My favourite new place to eat is a veggie raw food restaurant called Nama in Notting Hill. Everything is organic and delicious, and Ottolenghi is always great for delicious fresh salads. Food Hell would be any well known fast food burger joint!

What’s the weirdest thing one of your trainers has ever asked you to do?

I found it funny when on my first session with Nic she told me my glutes were working! Apparently that’s a good thing πŸ™‚

As a mum, busy model and elite athlete (*cough!), how do you find the time to fit everything into a day?

As a Mum you have to be quite organised about time keeping. Saying that, I do often find myself running down the street trying not to be late for appointments!

What is your funniest gym chat?

It is too BLUE to be written down. (Sorry other gym users!)

Why do you like training at Eqvvs?

I love the atmosphere at Eqvvs. All the trainers bring their own styles of training to the gym. It is also a beautiful, calm environment to work out in.

Unrelated questions;

Best thing a fashion designer has ever said to you?

When Alexander McQueen just asked me to ‘freak out’ on the runway for his legendary Voss Show.

Best place in the UK to take a deep breathe of fresh air?

I am a Devon girl at heart, every time I am in the West Country I love to go for a windy walk up to Mel Tor on the Moors. It really helps to blow away all the cobwebs.

Last concert you went to?

I went to a Blur secret London gig a few months ago where they showcased their new album. Sadly I haven’t made it to any festivals this summer as I am currently 5 months pregnant!

The only person you would always watch Game of Thrones with?Β 

My Game of Thrones partner is always my lovely boyfriend Jack Dyson, we are actually mildly obsessed with GOT and can’t wait for the new series!

Most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?

My boyfriend secretly recorded a song for me at a friend’s studio for a Valentine’s present. It was such a surprise I just burst into tears when he played it for me!

Best piece of advice you have ever been given?

‘Trust in your own instincts’