Claudia Newland Claudia Newland


Claudia returned to the UK in 2013, having spent 5 years studying and “treading the boards” over in America.  As well as being a certified personal trainer (NASM-CPT) and fitness instructor, she is also a trained dancer and musical theatre performer and loves to incorporate her knowledge of dance and the way the body works into her workouts.  She is inspired by a number of techniques she learned on the sunny side of the pond in LA, but is a strong believer that you can never know it all and is hungry to continue developing and honing her craft.

In her opinion, working out should never be a chore, or you simply won’t do it.  It is hugely important for a workout to be fun (in a bizarre kind of way!), with lots of variety, encouragement and great results.  Everybody has the ability to make a change in their life and when you start looking and feeling better, she has done her job. The feel-good endorphins at the end of the workout are just a bonus!!

Through her inexhaustible energy and radiant charisma she hopes to inspire people to keep moving and ultimately change their lives through exercise.  Lots of sweat, a big smile and endless positivity accompany her to her sessions and if you leave the same way, she is a happy gal!  She is never short on words of encouragement and always aims to make sure people feel comfortable and confident as they shape their body and have fun while doing it.

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Quick reps

Favourite post workout snack

Handful of almonds or even better a strawberry,banana and orange smoothie..mmm!.

Food heaven/food hell (what do you love/what do you hate)

Heaven chocolate any time of day! And hell sushi!

Workout tracks

Any songs that have a strong beat with a build up to the chorus for sprints or high intensity sections. Good ones are “hot right now” , “drinking from the bottle” “fighter” and “let’s go” …. Oh and. “Survivor” Destiny’s Child is soooo good too to keep ya going!!

One killer move you use in your own workouts

Pilates ball between the thighs up on your toes squats and pulses… It buuurrnnnss but feels great after

3 words that describe your training

Exhilarating, sweaty, thoughtful.

This won’t help you get fit but did you know…

Cats wee glows under black light!! (We’re not sure how she knows this either!)


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