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Kim is a model come personal trainer living life in the sweaty lane & dragging you along for the ride! Her fitness moto is ‘Tone What You Own’. She’s a firm believer that every single body is incredible. Whatever your shape, whatever your size you can absolutely tone it, and own it! Kim wants to help you embrace yourself in all your glory and see the amazing power of your body at its best. Your journey to a fitter, healthier you can be a fun, challenging and exciting one.

Kim’s workouts follow her firm beliefs in maintaining a sustainablehealthy lifestyle. Emphasis is placed on workout plans that are fun but focussed, and don’t make you dread your next session.

‘Nothing gets me more fired up than a rip rollicking sweat sesh & I want to bring that awesome feeling to you! I’ll challenge you; push you out of your comfort zones and get you to your goals. Best of all you’ll feel like a total bad ass when you walk out that gym door.’

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Quick reps

Favourite post workout snack

Almond butter and banana or eggs & avocado on toast (yum!)

Food heaven/food hell (what do you love/what do you hate)

My food heaven is scallops wrapped in bacon with pea puree, followed by lamb and most importantly sticky toffee pudding (or any other caramel/toffee/fudge based substance)! Dreamy.

Hell for me is mint or orange chocolate – gross, no thank you!

Workout tracks

If I’m feeling beaty: Chase & Status, Skrillex, Diplo, Adventure Club,

If I’m feeling “ghetto”: J Cole, ASAP Rocky, Kid Ink, The Weekend & never shy about putting on a bit of ‘Bey’.

One killer move you use in your own workouts

Single leg Romanian deadlift to reverse lunge. Putting the two moves together is killer! Medicine ball plank leg lifts are also a pretty good all-rounder move for the core and glutes.

3 words to describe your personality

Happy. Friendly. Focused.

This won’t help you get fit but did you know…

Mathematically speaking, it is actually abnormal to be normal.


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