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Sol is a former athlete and has been an exercise aficionado since youth. With a degree in Sports and Exercise Science, she has practiced personal training since 2008. Her abilities as a trainer have been cultivated through time and work in places such as Brazil, Thailand, and Indonesia to name a few. If your goals are to remove pain, improve weight loss and body composition, or athletic movement, her vast experience is geared to help every client optimize their biological potential.

“I train people in accordance to our human biology. From the first session, I help clients understand the mechanisms of postural and movement deficiencies. Or simply put, how the manner in which you stand, walk, or run will determine your neuromuscular capability to adapt to every day scenarios.”

Her passion is movement sustainability, with a desire to transform people from all levels of fitness or injury, into fully functioning monsters. As a two-time World Champion muay thai fighter, she’ll definitely get you fired up and ready to take on the world!

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Quick reps

Favourite post workout snack

Fried plantain, grass fed steak and avocado – All day, every day.

Food heaven/food hell (what do you love/what do you hate)

Food hell: Anything that comes in a tin. Food heaven: Meat!

Workout tracks

I tend to not listen to music whilst training. It just makes me want to bust a move instead of train.

One killer move you use in your own workouts

Transverse cable press. (watch her punch and you’ll see why!)

3 words that describe your training

Determined kick-ass geek!


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