Everyone needs a place to escape to, although not everyone would think of their fitness studio as the obvious escape destination. That’s what’s special about Eqvvs. While you’re here the rest of the world can wait a while.

This is personal training with an emphasis on personal. You’ll never find more than three training sessions in progress at any one time – so you get all the space, attention and privacy you need.

Since everything we do is about making you feel amazing, it’s only right that we give you the space to show it. After your workout you can lock yourself away in your own shower and dressing room, and let the gels, cleansers and lotions from our friends at Aromatherapy Associates help you look as good as you feel. Help yourself to the fluffy towels too.

Fitness. Friends. And feeling fabulous. Find them all at Eqvvs Training. Book your first session now.