Who we are

“I want to get a bit fitter first before I visit a personal trainer.”

Personal Training LondonWe meet a lot of people who once thought that way. And the reason they think it is often because of the personal training experiences they’ve had in the past. But fitness shouldn’t be scary. It should be fun. It should be the most natural thing in the world.

Personal training at Eqvvs is one-to-one, so you achieve better results, faster. It’s targeted and results driven – because we’re serious about making you feel better and healthier – but we understand you’re not in training for the next Olympics (unless, of course, you are). So we’ll help make your journey to a healthier, happier you fun – which will make it easier for you to stay that way.

The people who train at Eqvvs stay. They come back because we’re discreet and don’t boast about who’s training with us. They come back because we work hard while they’re with us and because we don’t rule their lives when they’re not (we’re your support, not your mum). They come back because they want to.

We think you will too.

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