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The Eqvvs 10 Minute Workout Routine.

The Eqvvs 10 Minute Workout Routine

By March 19, 2013Fitness
10 minute workout

Workout Intro

Our metabolic 10 minute workout routine consists of 7 exercises, 10 repetitions of each exercise. 100 total reps completed. It’s all about you and your body weight as the resistance.


Warm Up

March on the spot for 20 steps.

Complete 10 shoulder circles – hands touching the shoulders, circle the elbows.

Complete 10 torso twists – hands touching the elbows, take a wide stance and twist the torso.

Complete 10 knee hugs – raise one knee at a time and hug it into your chest, alternate legs, 5 on each side.

Complete 10 heel kicks – bring one heel to the buttocks, then alternate, 10 each side.

10 Minute Workout

1. Squat and press: Grip a towel at 1½ times the width of your shoulders; Start with a stance at twice-hip width and hold the towel just under your chin without any slack; Sit down and push the towel as high as you can to challenge your shoulder and back muscles; Pause then stand back up whilst lowering the towel to below your chin. Keep your weight on your heels throughout the move. Complete 10 times.

By adding an overhead reach into the basic squat movement make’s it a bigger compound exercise requiring more muscle groups to work. Heavily challenging posture, glutes, upper back and thighs.

2. Single leg deadlift: Stand on your left leg and open your arms wide, hands at shoulder height. Lean forward from the waist and aim to touch your left foot with your right hand, whilst lifting your right leg behind you. Push back up through the heel of your left foot, lifting the torso back to upright. Repeat 10 times on the left leg, then switch to the right.

* Keep a slight bend in your knee to start with, but as you get fitter, straighten the leg.

The single leg deadlift is the ultimate single leg posterior chain exercise with a great emphasis on the glute medius. This helps to improve stability of the knee & hips but more importantly really shapes the bum.

3. Hand walk outs:  Stand upright with your feet hip-width apart. Reach down towards the ground and walk your hands forwards until you are in a push up/plank position. Crawl your hands back towards your feet and stand up to return to the start position. Repeat 10 times.

An incredible move for the whole body, with particular focus on the muscles of the torso.

4. Upper back squeezes:   Lie on your front with your arms down by your sides. Keeping your chest on the floor and your arms straight, lift your arms & hands off the floor about 6 to 8 inches, with your palms facing the ceiling. Keep your hands at that height and bring your hands together behind your back so that your thumbs touch. Slowly return your arms to your sides and repeat 10 times.

Most people spend hours slumped over a computer which leads to weakness in the upper back muscles. This move retracts the shoulder blades and targets the upper back muscles. Perfect to help your posture and to lift your boobs!

5. Spiderman crawl: Start in a push up position. Move your right arm forward and bring your left knee up towards your chest and heel up to the outside of your left hand (opposite arm moves with opposite leg like running). Keeping your hips flat (no hiking up or sagging to one side) pull your body forward with your hand and push your body forward with your leg. Imagine you are Spiderman scaling a building! Complete 10 crawls.

Crawls are a great way to improve coordination, mobility, and torso strength using a foundational movement that will carry over to daily life and performance.

6. Oblique dips: Start in a press up position, making sure your hands are directly under your shoulders with your feet close together. Brace the abdominals and keep your back flat. Slowly twist at the hips and dip one hip towards the floor. Brace and return hips back to press up position. Alternate sides completing 10 on each.

Perfect for shaping your middle section.

7. Point Superman: Start on the floor on all fours. Bracing your abdominals, push your left leg out behind you ensuring you keep your hips straight and your back flat. At the same time, add in an opposite arm reach, pointing your thumb towards the ceiling keep the shoulder blades retracted.

Improves hip and lower back function. Strengthens abdominals, lower back, glutes and thighs

Cool down stretch routine

Now complete a short whole-body stretch routine to loosen up and prevent over tightening of the muscles.

Hold each move for 20 seconds.

  1. Breathe in as you reach both hands as high as you can, shrugging the shoulders, lifting your chest and tiptoeing.
  2. Place heels back on the floor, breathe out as you bend forwards at the hips taking your hands forwards and then down towards your toes stretching your hamstrings.
  3. Crawl forwards onto your hands and move into a push-ups position.
  4. Lower your hips to the floor, lift your chest and draw back the shoulders.
  5. Lower chest back to the floor and bring your heels towards the buttocks, reach back to grip your feet at the laces and clench buttocks to stretch the front of the thigh.
  6. Release your feet, push your body back up into a push-up position, walk the hands back, place palms on the thighs and push up to stand up.