A Day In The Life Of Brigette Baskerville

By October 22, 2012The Eqvvs Team

My days keep evolving and keep changing and I like it that way.

I’ve always been an early bird until recently, when my sleep has been disrupted at odd hours.  Prime suspect: Safa, my kitten, who wants strokes.  I roll out of bed and head straight for the kitchen.

My breakfast consists of a wake-me-up coffee, and a South African maize cereal/porridge of some sorts.  I usually sprinkle guar gum (GG – a digestive aid) on my cereal, but as I discovered last week it nearly aided indigestion or had I just developed the latest chewy cereal bar.  It was the result of swapping from a South African GG brand to a UK brand.

Then it is time for a little shimmy and shaking as I move my way down the passage to the study.  I put on some music and jiggle around.  Yes jiggle, its all one can do in a small space, and hopefully no one is watching.  I’m a private dancer, a dancer for money…lalallalaaaa la la laaaaa – it just sprang to mind.  This is my prep for a class or PT session I have that day.  My background is in dance technique and movement studies, the big influence in my need to shake my ‘b’ a great deal and my obsession with good form.  All geared up and ready to go, I drive or cycle up to the studio, this is often weather dependent.  Being a South African, I find most days cool or cold.

No day or the hours are the same, as the clients or groups filter in and out.  I feed off the energy of the clients, as much as they do mine.  My sessions are full of dynamic movement, consisting of many lunges and squats, and I never say no to a good old fashioned heavy weight training session. Often women shy away from the weight training, which is a pity as it is so misunderstood and has always been a male dominant way of getting fit and looking good.  Lunch is typically a salad with some protein either made at home or M&S shop.  Snacks mid morning or afternoon are fruit, yoghurt or, on occasion, biltong (South African cured meat).

Feeling generally cheerful about the day I head home, to be greeted at the door by Safa.  No more shimming and shaking, it is time to get down to ‘business’ – excuse the pun.  I’m using the ‘litterkwitter’ to train my kitten… you guessed it… the queue to the toilet just got longer. After this eventful experience, I settle into an evening of food preparation, typically more protein with veg and watch a movie or TV series – Breaking Bad made me realise I should have listened harder in Chemistry classes.  Some evenings involve teaching a class at a gym, a trip to the golf driving range, or as tonight, a comedy night out.  After a shower and just before snuggling my duvet in bed, I ensure Safa does some cardio.   I chase her around, ball tossing and teaching her fetch, playing hide and seek and finally Safa doing leaps and flips when I do directional changes with her feathered stick, it’s like fly-fishing.

Another day, another dawn…