Day in the Life of a Personal Trainer in London

By February 12, 2013The Eqvvs Team
nicola addison

Being a personal trainer in London is pretty awesome, even if it can lead to some long days. Here’s a peek into what a fairly typical day looks like for me:

Wakey wakey. My alarm goes off. I don’t allow myself to snooze on weekdays as I don’t trust myself to re-set my alarm. I pop the big light on straight away and get up! First things first I make myself a cup of tea and make breakfast. I also have a Vit C drink.

Breakfast – I tend to make a shake in the morning. Two reasons for this

1). 5.15am is simply too early for my brain to function to eat
2). I need something quick and easy to absorb as soon as I reach the studio before my first client

  • 3 dessert spoons of porridge
  • Handful of pumpkin seeds
  • A few walnuts
  • A few brazil nuts
  • A few almonds
  • 2 dessert spoons of magic nut/omega blend
  • Handful of blueberries

I actually pop all the ingredients the night before in a glass in the fridge. This allows the nuts to soften. I blend and throw into my drinks holder.

With breakfast ready and tea sunk, I dress, splash some water on my face and get ready for my bike.

It’s about a 6 mile bike ride to the gym in Knightsbridge. Takes me around 25mins (at the start of the week), 35mins at the end of the week. It’s a great route through Hyde Park and I arrive at the studio WIDE awake!

I change into my gym kit, drink my shake, get the studio ready and plan my sessions for the day.

This is one of my ‘kick my arse Nic’ clients. She teaches me random American handshakes and sayings and I teach her about Yorkshire puddings and fancy dress. We mostly hang out round the cage and I know that when her lips go slightly pale that I have hit her expectation for the session. I love this girl.

Is one of my oldest (not in age I hasten to add, but in training age with me). I see her every Tuesday & Thursday morning. This session is all about moving and moving more. I listen to her tales. We call this client the fairy godmother in the studio! She is a true connector and has introduced the studio to so many amazing people. Not only that, the orchids at the front of the studio are always a gift from this client. She also makes a mean tiramisu! We spend most the session discussing the best soft shell crab we have ever had!

My 9am that comes in is here for her job and simply put, wants train to hard and get the job done. I see this client ever day at 9am and have been doing so for about a year now. I take my hat off to anybody that can sustain that amount of commitment. Sometimes we chat, sometimes we just train hard. She is a great client to train as you can throw pretty much anything at her and she will give it a go. Although I get evil stares if I suggest plyometrics!

Break time. I am not one of these trainers that can hit out 8 back to back sessions and expect them to be quality. This is my time for a second breakfast and a coffee. It’s also time to reply to a few emails and hang out with the boys in the studio.

Is a fairly new client. I have been training her for a few months now. We hit 3 sessions a week at 11am. She is well trained, super competitive and takes energetic to a totally new level! On our first session I knew she would fit perfectly into our Eqvvs family. She is possibly the most springy client I have every trained and the only time she shuts up is during stretch time. She is ACE.

We have a special name for my 12pm client. Her new name is the smiling growler…. I have never seen someone train hard, smile and also kind of growl at the same time! This client works with all the trainers and likes to work hard. Once again, her body is her job. Keeping it top notch is important, so is keeping it strong so she can run after and play fight with her 5 year old. These are always very funny sessions, the sound effects are EPIC.

My 1pm client is basically hanging out with my best friend for an hour! Initially a client she is now a massive part of my world. Again, her body is her job and she trusts me implicitly with it. She trains hard, loves the big boy weights and has trained consistently 3 times a week for the last couple of years. I love a girl that can happily lift 80kg deadlifts with a smile on her face.

Is usually down time. Time for a bite to eat. I cannot get enough of M&S Fuller Longer range at the minute! I then open my laptop, reply to emails and generally do studio admin stuff. It is surprising how even a business of this size can produce so much admin! I also use this time to write up my client notes for the sessions I have had that day.

I will always hang around for my 4pm client. Actually it’s usually 4.20pm by the time she walks through the door apologising for being late! This client definitely has her own clock. Ha ha. I cannot get enough of this client. Her energy is ridiculous and she is game for anything. For someone that had never really exercised before, her body is making massive progress. Anyone that asks “does Beyoncé have to work this hard” I will always hold in high regard.

Home time! I write up my final set of notes and get my bike kit on. I usually get home 6pm-ish and jump straight in a shower. Usually because I am dripping with sweat from the bike!

Time for food. I am currently hitting my soups hard! Today’s choice is a homemade chicken soup. This has tonnes of chicken in and is super thick. I take this on with a couple of rounds of toasted rye bread and follow it up with an herbal tea.

This is serious down time. This is where I chew the fat of the day with my housemate, watch some TV (currently obsessed with Girls and The Good Wife!) and catch up with my mum if she’s about.

Time for my pit! Same ritual I’m afraid. I make my breakfast shake, get my clothes sorted and generally potter about the house!

I try super hard to have my eyes fully closed at 10.30pm (Sunday – Wednesday) as I know full well that it all starts over at 5.15am tomorrow!

To all the lovely clients who are mentioned in the post, you know who you are and you’re all awesome! Thanks for training with me at Eqvvs. See you soon.