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MSN Competition Winner reviews our three60 Personal...

MSN Competition Winner reviews our three60 Personal Training Program

By March 20, 2013Fitness, Testimonials
personal training program

Eqvvs recently ran a competition through MSN Her and one lucky winner got the chance to experience the full package for 3 weeks. Read on to find out what she thought about the personal training program and her experience of it:

“I recently won 3 fantastic weeks training with the EQVVS three60 programΒ and wanted to share my experience. The package included 6 personal training sessions, all my meals delivered from Soulmate Foods – a 5 star bespoke food service, 2 nutritional consultations, use of the Ki-Fit armband – a device that tracks calories burned, 3 lymphatic drainage massages and a before and after body analysis by The Body Clinic at Urban Retreat.

Personal Training Program

During my first meeting with Nicola, we discussed my goals and what I was hoping to achieve, as well as being talked through what the following weeks would involve. I wanted to focus on building more muscle and strength, whilst lowering my body fat percentage. When dieting in the past, I’d always aimed to keep my calories as low as I could but Nicola explained to me the importance of eating enough, otherwise your body is sent into starvation mode, actually causing more fat to be stored. She told me we would be focusing more on weights, not cardio and that muscles burn for hours after a workout whereas cardio only burns calories during your workout.

Body and Fitness Analysis

Before my next visit, I had an in-body analysis at Urban Retreat in Harrods. This measured my weight, body fat percentage, muscle percentage, bone density and lot’s more which gave me a good idea of where I was at and where I wanted to be! My first training session focused on getting a general idea of my fitness level and picking up on any areas that needed to be targeted before beginning my workouts. Both Nicola and Mark watched my form very carefully to make sure my technique was correct, and pushed me to the limit to help me get the most from my workout.

The Ki-Fit band is a device that sits around your upper arm and tracks your movement, calories burned and sleep quality. After a couple of days of wearing it, Mark showed me my resultsΒ  and I was surprised at what a difference small, everyday exercises made. There was one day where I was very sedentary and showed I was sitting down for the most of it, not burning many calories. Then another day where I went out for a walk, went shopping and did some cleaning, the amount of calories burned really surprised me! So now I’m making sure I incorporate more movement into my daily routines, such as more walks, taking the stairs instead of the escalator and generally spend less time sitting.

Diet and Nutrition

Within the first few days, I had my food delivered from Soulmate foods.

They sent me bespoke, healthy and organic meals tailored to suit my exact needs, and they were super delicious too. I also spoke to Robert, a nutritionist, who gave me some recipe and snack ideas which I incorporated into my day’s off from Soulmate food’s deliveries. What I learned from Robert was that again, the small changes really do make a difference. I was shocked to discover that just 1tbsp of olive oil was around 150 calories (and I used to make my food swimming in it!) so changing to a spray oil and cutting down on other fatty foods, made a huge difference without me even noticing.

During this time I was also treated to 3 relaxing lymphatic massages from Charlotte, a therapist from Urban Retreat. Lymphatic massage is a great way to detox, reduce water retention and aid circulation. It was very welcome after my workout sessions and helped reduce muscle soreness.

By the end of the experience, I’m feeling very inspired and motivated.

Personal Training Results

I’ve learned to challenge myself more, pushing myself to my absolute limit during workouts and having a clear goal in mind to keep me pushing further. I’ve learned that even light exercise really makes a difference and will be moving more and sitting less! And I’ve learned that diets shouldn’t be restrictive, to eat enough to perform better and little changes in my choice of meals can make a huge difference. These past weeks have been the kick-start I really needed, I’m so happy with what I’ve learned and the staff at EQVVS have given me tons of advice to continue on this road by myself.

Overall, I received a very professional, knowledgeable and dedicated service from each member of the team and would recommend them to anyone.”

If you’re interested in learning more about the Eqvvsthree60 personal training program then please do give us a call –Β 020 7838 1138