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FitBit Challenge - Eqvvs

FitBit Challenge

By October 10, 2016Uncategorized
Do you own a FitBit? If you do, we would love you to join theΒ Eqvvs FitBit Group!
During the month of October we want to collectively log as many steps as we can and we need your help. So join our group, get your tracker on and get walking! Let’s see how far we can get. Plus – you will get to see if you have been more or less active than your trainer! What’s not to like?
FYI: 1 mile is approximately 2200 steps and each mile that a person walks burns roughly 100 calories.
Marathon 26.2 miles 57,640
Courmayeur –Chamonix

(Tour du Mont-Blanc)

63 miles 139,860
Birmingham 100 miles 222,000
North Yorkshire 198 miles 439,560
Paris 214 miles 475,080
Grand Canyon (length) 277 miles 614,940
Edinburgh 331 miles 734,820
Berlin 582 miles 1,292,040
Rome 893 miles 1,982,460
Moscow 1557 miles 3,456,540
New York 3463 miles 7,687,860
Beijing 5064 miles 11,242,080
Great Wall of China (length) 5500 miles 12,210,000
Sydney 10,573 miles 23,472,060
Round the World 25,046 miles 55,602,120
Moon 240,250 miles 533,355,000
Steps Completed So Far