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Eggs! Good or bad? - Eqvvs

Eggs! Good or bad?

By October 3, 2013Uncategorized
Nic’s Poached Belters

“If you could be reincarnated as a food, what food would you come back as?”

This was one of the random questions that came out of my mouth after long days of walking on our Summer trek. For me, it’s a valid question and a very easy question to answer.

I would totally come back as an EGG!

Eggs form a major part of my diet. I often have 2 eggs a day. Honestly, if all I had was bread, eggs and milk I could easily make a week of meals.

But aren’t they bad for you?

Yawn. We have been told time and time again that eggs are high in cholesterol and we shouldn’t eat them. Im saying that’s TOSH!

Studies show that dietary cholesterol has very little effect on blood cholesterol levels. Your body’s cholesterol levels are typically a result of high arterial inflammation caused by processed carbohydrates.

Free range eggs are packed with good stuff like essential fatty acids and protein – a perfect combination for a fat burning food.

A few months ago John Berardi Ph.D. wrote a great piece for the Huff Post on Eggs. Check it out here.

Scrambled, poached, boiled – whatever takes your fancy.

I am also the MASTER at poached eggs. Shout me up if you would like a lesson!