Highs and Lows from the Eqvvs Fundraising Partaaay

Partaay People

In an attempt to raise funds for Trekstock and support our Trek round Mount Blanc in July, Mark and I thought it would be a good idea to hold a kind of charity/fundraising/pub type quiz.

After scribbling down some initial thoughts, this idea quickly evolved into a full blown ‘let your hair down’ with family, friends & clients party. The Lucky Pig cocktail bar on Clipstone Street provided the perfect setting.

There is so much to say about the night, so I thought easier to simply list them as high and low points and show you a few photos.

High Points:

  • Tip & strip pens for the quiz.

  • Gemma Cairney’s quiz hosting skills.

  • Guests of Honour – ma and pa Addison.

  • The signed celebrity autographs as prizes. Who got Chesney Hawkes?

  • The DJ – he was dropping some beats.

  • The tie break question and my mum thinking it was ‘What is Nic’s star sign?’ instead of ‘What is Nic’s bra size?’ and shouting out Leo, Leo, Leo for 5 minutes.

  • Briana Dougherty picking me up, me flinging my legs round her waist and her spinning me round and round. Neither of us remember this, but there is photographic proof.

  • Sophie Epstone (Trekstock grand fromage) constantly saying at the end of the night ‘but what about Alice’.

  • The entry password to the bouncer “Is your name Bambi?”.

  • Me introducing Jade to my dad, saying “ This is Jade with the kittens” (as I was going to have one of her kittens) to his reply “ Hi Jade, you’ve got chickens have you?”

  • The Mojitos and shot trays that kept circulating.

  • Jonah Pontzer. Comedy gold.

  • Claudia and Balu. True Romance.

  • My running man skillz.

  • Danny Herbert.

Low Points:

  • Being sick on the way to meet my parents on Friday morning for breakfast.

  • The bar bill.

  • The MASSIVE bruise on my right shin. How? Answers on a postcard please!

  • Receiving tweets the next day from the DJ laughing about my running man technique.

  • The rather large box of lost property left over from the night. This included 2 pairs of shoes.

  • Danny Herbert.

Overall a success! We raised nearly £2k from ticket sales, taking our total raised to date over £7k. Wowsers!

Finally, I wanted to shout out a BIG THANKS for everyone’s support. It was amazing to partaaay with you and I am looking forward to the next one (clearly it will be fancy dress).

Big love,

Nic x