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How to get the Pippa Middleton Bum.

How to get the Pippa Middleton bum

By May 9, 2011Uncategorized

If you were one of the TWO BILLION who tuned in to watch the Royal Wedding (or even if you weren’t for that matter) there is no doubt that you will be aware that one of the hottest topics at the moment is Pippa Middleton’s bottom! Since the wedding in London, our personal training team in Knightsbridge has been repeatedly asked about ways to achieve that bottom!

A Pippa Middleton bum appreciation page has even been created on Facebook for fans to express their wonder and delight! In light of this we have decided to give you our top tips on achieving ‘the Pippa Middleton bum’ in no time!

The gluteus maximus muscle is the largest of our 3 gluteal muscles and, as it is the most superficial, largely determines the shape and appearance of the bottom. Its primary function is extension of the hips bringing the upper thigh in line with the trunk, as seen when coming from a seated to a standing position. There are a range of exercises to keep the glutes in good shape – most of these exercises should feel familiar as they replicate everyday movements that use the glutes, such as walking, running and even maintaining your posture while standing still.

Key exercises that shape and tone your bum include:

–          Squats   watch our video on how to perform a squat

–          Lunges

–          High Step ups

–          Hip Raises

–          Glute kickbacks

Eqvvs tips to achieve the perfect bottom:

Consciously squeeze alternate buttocks as you are walking- this ensures each gluteal muscle is activated during the movement.

Take the stairs when you can, and if you already do then take two stairs at once to really stretch and contract those glute muscles throughout the day.

Whilst in the shower or after you can scrub, moisturise and massage the buttocks in the same way that you would do any other muscle to help breakdown fatty tissue and smooth out the area.

Try the above for next two weeks and watch your Middleton bottom appear!

Keen to know more? Feel free to get in touch with us at the studio for a free 30minute consultation with our personal training team.