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Learn some strategies for meal planning - Eqvvs

Learn some strategies for meal planning

By June 9, 2011Uncategorized

For me meal planning is a ritual! I set aside 2 hours or so on a Sunday to prepare for the week ahead. If I don’t do this I know I’ll take the convenient option and eat rubbish.

So I write out my menu, do my food shopping (making sure I have eaten before I go so that I’m not tempted to fill my trolley with goodies) and then prepare my meals.

Why not give it a try this weekend. Firstly, sit down and create your meal plan for the week. It should only take a few minutes to lay out 7 breakfast meals, 7 different lunch meals and 7 different dinner meals. Make sure to include a good balance of protein, carbs and essential
fats. If you need some good ideas then check out Gizzi’s fantastic recipes for inspiration!

Once you have planned out your meals count up exactly how much of everything you will need and make a trip to the shops. Time to cook! Some people like to prepare all of their meals on a Sunday for the forthcoming week. Others prepare to figure out what is easy to cook on certain time precious days. Sunday is a great time to plan and prepare meals for the forthcoming week.

Still struggling? Maybe it is time to enlist the help of a food preparation company. At Eqvvs we use Soulmate Food who prepare tailor made meals and deliver them direct to your door. If you want to eat healthy food but need that convenience then this really is the ideal solution.