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The Mind Body Connection - Eqvvs

The Mind Body Connection

Matt Cantour

More and more research is pointing to the fact that mind and body are more interconnected than we think. We asked a friend of ours; Matt Cantor who has recently made the transition from DJ to psychotherapist to give us his top 5 tips for a healthy mind & body.

  1. Go for a walk.

    I encourage clients that are feeling blue to get out and have a walk. The gentle activity of nature alongside an appreciation of the wonder that is around us can really help lift moods.

  2. Try Yoga.

    I like the meditative aspect of this activity, It encourages us to be more still and focus on breath whilst increasing our flexibility and strength. The perfect mindful exercise.

  3. Exercise with a partner.

    Happy relationships tend to mean healthier minds and bodies. If you’ve had a row with your nearest and dearest why not both jump on your bikes and get your adrenaline fix together.

  4. Work out to music.

    As an ex DJ I’m probably aware more than others just how important music can be to lift our moods and bring us into the moment. I find working out so much more enjoyable to my favourite classic dance tracks.

  5. If you’re feeling low go and talk to somebody.

    However much you love to exercise sometimes there are issues that need more than a good workout to get through. Finding someone you can connect with and share with can help shift things emotionally, even when you’re at your bleakest.

It’s important that we think of ourselves holistically. Just as much as we need to eat the right foods and look after our bodies, we also need to turn attention to our minds.

For more information on Matt and what he does; check out this website here.