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Forget about New Year, make everyday resolutions instead

New Year, New You – Snore!

By October 11, 2010Uncategorized

I am already getting tired of my fellow fitness professionals, glossy magazines and lifestyle blogs banging on about New Year’s resolutions, introductory offers and 2 week post Christmas diets!

My housemate reeled off 15 New Year’s resolutions to me the other day, then asked me mine – my answer was rather different “I would like to start saving Β£2 coins”. I have since taken plenty of abuse for my simplistic, non healthy type, goal from her and she failed to understand that I just don’t really do resolutions when it comes to my health and fitness. It’s a year-long thing and I was already taking care of myself in December, November, October …

Let me be clear, I love the fact that every January brings me clients with an increased motivation to achieve the goals and the body they desire. Β  However, I am not interested in jumping on the New Year band wagon pushing quick fixes, New Year diets and detoxes!

I have jotted below some basic steps to follow. These are not specific to the New Year but are just good, sound, tips that anyone and everyone can benefit from year round!

Everyday Resolutions

  • 8pm feed – Try to get your evening meal in before 8pm
  • Move everyday – not just in the gym, but 30mins of activity every single day.
  • Gym – Schedule realistic gym programmes. If, like us, Jan is one of your busiest work months, plan 30 min workouts that hit it hard 3 times a week.
  • Brekkie – If you haven’t already, make sure breakfast is one of your biggest priorities.
  • Detox, schmeetox – Just put less rubbish in and you will need to get rid of less rubbish! There is no need for juice cleanses etc. Simply start today and think about what you are putting into your machine.
  • Be nice! Try and do at least 1 good thing every day – make a work colleague a cuppa, help a pram onto the tube, hold the door open. Do it all with a smile and karma will 100% come back around!

If you keep to these basic resolutions then you can start to make everday the best it can be. Let us know how you get on.

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