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Nutrition Corner - Easy calculation for dehydration - Eqvvs

Nutrition Corner – Easy calculation for dehydration

By July 15, 2013Uncategorized

With temperatures reaching 30 degrees this week have you had those feelings during the day when you just can’t concentrate, feel lethargic, have a dull headache and get stroppy with the people around you? Simply put, you are probably dehydrated. We spend so much time focusing on what to eat and often forget to drink, blaming the symptoms on anything other than not having drunk enough!

Β How much water do you drink every day?

Β Use the following calculation as a guide to your recommendation daily water intake:

Β Weight (in kg) X 0.03333333 = litres per day.

Β Surprised by the number?

Ensuring we drink enough water means that the body is able to flush out toxins, improve digestion and maintain glowing healthy skin.

For something different try adding grated liquorice root and mint, lemon grass, ginger, cinnamon or lemon to hot water, or drink light miso soups and cleansing juices for an added health kick!