Mark Harrop Mark Harrop


He’s been at the forefront of personal training in London since 1998. He’s opened and operated several high profile studios across London. And his reputation for recruiting, training and developing the very best personal trainers ensures that when the leading commercial operators are hiring, they ask Mark to find the right people for them.

Yet, if you ask Mark what gives him a buzz, his answer is simple.

“Well, coming to work in shorts every day is still pretty cool.”

A graduate in Sport & Exercise Science specialising in biomechanics, Mark mixes a scientific attention to detail with a dynamic, fun approach to training. “It’s got to be fun. Why would you come back if it wasn’t? Fun is what keeps you eager until the results really start to show. Fun is what makes reaching your goals easier.”

Mark is a passionate believer that trainers should bring their own styles and techniques to their work. “That’s what makes Eqvvs distinctive. We try to foster an environment where trainers are happy to share their ideas, discuss new techniques and learn from each other.”

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Quick reps

Favourite post workout snack

Mixed nuts but cashews are a particular favourite.

Food heaven/food hell (what do you love/what do you hate)

Heaven: fillet steak with spinach and mash. Hell: anything with mushrooms in!

Workout tracks

Biffy Clyro – Only Revolutions

One killer move you use in your own workouts

Plyometrics (depth jumps) or hill intervals

3 words that describe your training

Consistent. Reliable. Logical.

This won’t help you get fit but did you know…

1 out of 10 children in Europe are conceived on an IKEA bed (This includes 2 of mine…!)


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