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“This is my second home. I love the clients and the Eqvvs team. It’s an amazing feeling you get from helping people reach their goals. It’s a buzz!”

Miad has been enjoying the buzz for over 10 years. Passionate and dedicated, he gets results through setting realistic goals and helping clients meet them through intense, effective workouts and sensible lifestyle management.

“I believe a structure helps you reach your targets. It makes more efficient use of your efforts. So we’ll put that in place, and calmly and patiently we’ll work towards it.”

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Quick reps

Favourite post workout snack

Protein bar (caramel flavour) or a chocolate protein shake with a smoothie added to it

Food heaven/food hell (what do you love/what do you hate)

Love grilled chicken fillets and lamb chops with chips. Hate anything raw, such as sushi!

Workout tracks

At the moment it’s Jay Z

One killer move you use in your own workouts

Any compound move into a shaping exercise (post exhaust)

This won’t help you get fit but did you know…

The king of hearts is the only king without a moustache on a standard playing card


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