Powerbag Exercises – Bent Over Row

By October 5, 2011Fitness

Lynsey from Eqvvs Training in Knightsbridge continues to share her favourite Powerbag exercises, this time demonstrating the bent over row.

The bent over row is a great exercise for training the large muscles of your upper back, particularly useful if you spend lots of time hunched over a desk. I like using the Powerbag but you can also perform a great row exercise using the TRX



  1. Stand with feet hip with apart and pick up the sandbag (horizontally).
  2. Remain in the bent over position with back straight and keep knees slightly soft.
  3. From arms fully extended as you reach for the bag, slowly pull your elbows elbows up to the sky – maintaining the bent over position and squeezing the shoulder blades as you row.

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