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Eqvvs in the press - What Daisy Does - Eqvvs

Eqvvs in the press – What Daisy Does

By October 17, 2011Press

Eqvvs has been celebrating its first anniversary transforming the shape of London with a ringing endorsement from top fashion icon Daisy Lowe, who shows off the stunning results of our signature training programme in the October issue of bestselling fashion magazine Grazia.

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At the end of the article Nicola covers a typical workout with Daisy, just make sure you warm up fully before starting and spend some time stretching afterwards. The article highlights the following exercises:

Freddie Mercurys – this uses all the muscles in the body
Princess Jumps – pull-ups are great for sculpting your upper body including your back
Swans – this move is great for stretching and strengthening your spine, as well as firming your bottom
Jumpy Lungey Things – this split squat really shapes your legs and bum
Daffy Duck Walk – a super-squat that firms and strengthens your legs