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Q&A with Sprint Physiotherapy - Eqvvs

Q&A with Sprint Physiotherapy

By February 2, 2016Uncategorized
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Anj Periyasami, owner of Sprint Physiotherapy, answers our questions about physiotherapy (plus some un-related, probing questions!)


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Who are Sprint and how does Sprint work with Eqvvs?

Sprint are an experienced team of exceptional physiotherapists, massage therapists and Pilates instructors, based in the heart of Kensington. We commit to providing the most effective healthcare for our patients and always work to instill confidence and empower our patients when it comes to their health.

Sprint and Eqvvs work strongly together to ensure our patients/clients needs are met and help those that feel they need motivation to reach their goals. Eqvvs are there to work alongside our therapists and instructors to keep them motivated. Together we will motivate those recovering from operations, injuries or simply those who want to get fit, and get the most out of their training and sport.


What’s your favourite thing about being a physiotherapist?

It has to be seeing people get better, and giving confidence to those who feel ‘stuck in a rut’, getting them out of pain and achieving their goals, regardless of age, disability or impairments.


One health rule you always live by (hot water and lemon in am/dry body brushing etc?)

Its got to be ‘Everything in moderation.’ ( Actually I would also say minimum 8 hours sleep, but that doesn’t always happen……)


What is your food heaven/food hell?

Food heaven – cheese (in moderation of course!)

Food hell – Aubergines!


Do you currently work out? How do you keep active?

(Uh trying to do what I can whilst being pregnant) The odd swim and torture session with Eqvvs and gentle gym and Pilates workouts, but previously I was a lover for a good weights session!


What are 3 words that describe Sprint?

Family, proactive, effective


Why is it awesome to be partnered with Eqvvs?
Eqvvs gives our patients a whole new tier to their recovery and rehab. Working with such a great team and cementing our relationship means that we have a whole new dimension for our patients and their clients when it comes to expertise. If you can’t find what you need from this collaboration, I don’t think you’ll find it anywhere!
Give me 1 interesting non physio fact

The term ‘you’re fired’ comes from a time long ago when clans/villagers would get rid of unwanted residents. Instead of telling them to leave, they would simply set their huts on fire……hence, ‘you’re fired’!

To book an appointment with Sprint Physiotherapy visit their website, email them: info@sprintphysio.co.uk or give them a call 020 7938 1350