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Setting Goals for 2012 - Miad - Eqvvs

Setting Goals for 2012 – Miad


While we’re not big believers in New Year’s resolutions, we certainly believe in setting yourself goals and challenges. We polled some of our trainers to find out about their goals for 2012 and we will be sharing these with you over the next few days.

We would love to hear what your goals are and remember to check in with us at the studio to make sure we’re working towards ours!

Miad’s Goals

  1. Take up another sport in addition to the 2 I already play. I love my squash and football but I want to throw in some kind of martial arts? Nothing too serious – just a good workout through a different discipline
  2. Cut down on my one treat – Caramel Lattes from Costa!! To have one every other day rather than every day.