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Ski Fitness training exercises to get you ready for the slopes

Ski Fitness

By October 11, 2010Uncategorized

How’s your ski fitness? Are you prepared for the upcoming ski season? Have you conditioned your muscles and joints to enable you to better enjoy the slopes? Skiing injuries can seem rather common but a little bit of preparation before you go can help to minimize the risk. Check out http://www.ski-injury.com/prevention for some great advice on how to stay safe on the slopes this year.

If you still have a little time left before you head off to the Alps, have a go at preparing your body for the sudden change in the level of stress placed on the muscles and joints involved in the sport. We’ve put together a few ski fitness training routines that you can do at home to help get you in tiptop shape for the piste and powder.

1. Ski Warm Up Exercices

Start with a simple warm-up: 6 repetitions of each exercise and repeat circuit for 5 to 6 minutes

  • Squat, stand and lift knee
  • Feet wide, hold elbows and twist torso
  • Hands down, step back, step forwards and stand
  • Lunge back (½ way) and twist


2. Ski Fitness Circuits

Progress to a workout of sport-specific circuits: 10 repetitions of each exercise and add 2 repetitions each workout to gradually increase intensity and just 2 or 3 circuits per workout

  • Squat and Lunge (alternating)
  • Twisting leg raise (alternating)
  • Leap side to side
  • Half-squat jump and turn (90O)
  • Push-ups position torso twist
  • Dynamic lunges (½ depth)


3. Ski Cool-down Stretches

Cool-down with a gentle stretch – keep moving with another 2 circuits of these stretches

  • Stretch one hand up to the ceiling and hold for a deep breath (alternate)
  • Reach down towards the floor with both hands and hold for a deep breath
  • Then reach both hands up as high as you can and slightly back to stretch the abdominals
  • Grab foot behind you at the laces and pull the knee back for a deep breath (alternate)
  • Ball of the foot up to the wall with heel still on the floor, push hips forwards
  • One hand over the lace, other behind the knee, pull up and across


The whole ski fitness routine will take about 30 minutes and you should try to complete it every other day. A half-session done in the morning before you head out to the slopes would also be great to prepare you for your day.

Then all you need is to make sure you have the right kit – having yourself measured out for your ski boots can make a huge difference in your feel, control and balance. Give the guy at the SkiLab in Profeet a call for more information.

Still deciding where to go for your next skiing adventure? The Independent has a brilliant assortment of resorts guides and reviews, beginner guides and news about expected weather.

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