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The Eqvvs Tuckshop! - Eqvvs

The Eqvvs Tuckshop!

By May 13, 2015Events, Nutrition

We now stock drinks and snacks at the studio. YUM! You have the choice to pay by cash or let us manage your pocket money! Pocket money simply allows you to pre pay an amount which is then held on account for you so that when you’re next in you can grab and go without having to find some loose change!

Once again we asked Rob Hobson (our delightful nutritionist extraordinaire!) to recommend some products that would serve as an ideal pre/post training drink or snack and give us the reason why.

Eqvvs water

No, we haven’t purchased a fresh water mountain spring in Southern France, even though a few clients believed me when I told them this porky! We now stock Eqvvs branded water!

It’s important to keep well hydrated to prevent dehydration, which can impact on athletic performance. Even the mildest form can result in lethargy, difficulty concentrating, poor digestive transit, dry skin, headaches and dizziness.   Rule of thumb: if you feeling thirsty, you’re already dehydrated! Try glugging 2 litres daily.

 Vita Coco Natural (60 Calories per carton)

Coconut water naturally supports hydration and is a rich source of naturally occurring electrolytes including potassium (33% of the NRV per serving). This mineral contributes to normal muscle function, blood pressure and functioning of the nervous system.

Vita Coco Café Latte (140 calories per carton)

Coconut water naturally supports hydration and the addition of caffeine (equivalent to a single shot of espresso) helps increase alertness. In higher doses caffeine acts as a useful ergogenic aid and has been shown to improve endurance performance which means training harder and faster. Grrrr!

Bounce balls (207 calories per ball)

These energy-boosting, bouncy balls are rich in protein (14g per serving), which supports the growth and repair of muscle tissues. They make a nourishing snack any time of day but especially after an intense training session to replace carbohydrate and protein and whilst not as natural as a fillet steak, useful to keep in your gym bag! They’re also a rich source of the antioxidant vitamin E, which contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. If you’re training hard it’s important to include plenty of antioxidant-rich foods in your diet to fight free-radical damage.

Naked bar (145 calories per bar)

Free from any added sugars and containing one of your 5-a-day these bars make a great alternative to nasty sugar-laden processed snacks. Enjoy any time of the day or to help replace carbohydrate levels after intense training. Raw cacao used to make these bars has been shown to help boost mood – happy days!

Trek bar (200 calories per bar)

 Free from any added sugars these bars contain a useful 10g protein per serving which helps to support growth and repair of muscle tissues. They make a nourishing snack anytime of day and may be especially useful after intense training sessions to help replace carbohydrate and protein.

We have also just become a stockist for delicious and nutritious Plenish Juices. Read tomorrow’s blog for more information on these.