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Toned for the Tennis? Smashing! - Eqvvs

Toned for the Tennis? Smashing!

By July 14, 2016Fitness, Press
Metro Tennis

If Queens and Wimbledon encouraged you to get your racket out then read Nicola’s smashing article in the Metro with 5 exercises to enhance your serve – it’s ACE!

Overhead Slams

This is a superb move for explosive power through the upper body. Take a medicine ball in both hands and lift it high over your head. Brace through your abdominals and drive the ball down to slam it into the floor.


To work your upper back and rear shoulders, bend at the hips as if you are leaning forward, keeping you back flat. Let your arms hang by your side and turn your thumbs out. Raise your arms to the side to create a T shape.

Squat Jumps

Squat jumps are a great move for explosive power in the legs – when you serve, you will be striking the ball with your feet off the ground. Sit into a squat position and as you return to standing launch into a jump. Use your arms to help gain momentum and jump as high as possible.

Lying rotation

A tennis serve requires good spinal mobility and this exercise helps mobilise the middle and upper part of your back. Lie on the floor on your side with you knees bent into your chest. Make sure your back is straight and place your arms out in front of you with your palms facing each other. Keeping your knees together on the ground then rotate your upper body, keeping your arm straight, so that your top arm travels across to the other side.

Side Throws

This move is great for rotational power and really targets the oblique muscles of the abdominals. Take a medicine ball and stand side-on to a wall. Throw the ball across your body to hit the wall. Catch and repeat.