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Top tips on how to get a beach body from Lynsey - Eqvvs

Top tips on how to get a beach body from Lynsey

By May 11, 2011Uncategorized
Lynsey boxing

Hi everyone, my name is Lynsey. I love working with my clients in Knightsbridge. Often taking my clients to Hyde Park or even a brisk walk around the block passing Harrods, it is the best place to be! I specialise in weight loss, functional training and boxing and take immense pleasure from seeing my clients achieve their goals, fast. The perfect beach body? Read my 5 top tips below and let me know what you think. They have never failed me or my clients.

  1. Get motivated! Find something that will inspire you! This could be an old photo, a hot bikini, a photo of a toned beach body… Keep whatever it is in view for motivation everyday in the run up to your holiday! Put it up in your room or on your desk to remind you what you are aspiring to and work towards getting there!
  2. Mix up your training – don’t stick to the same old workout you always do. Target different muscle groups and vary your exercises, try a new exercise each week.
  3. Get more active. Go for a brisk walk in the park, take a cycle on a Boris bike, go for a jog, dance around the house, run around the garden! Every little helps.
  4. Swap snacks of sweets, chocolate and biscuits for fruit, seeds and nuts where you can! Also, ask yourself before you snack ‘Am I really hungry?’ Don’t eat for the sake of it or because you’re bored.
  5. Get back to basics. Squats, lunges and step ups will help to sculpt a pert bottom and tone up the legs. Step and squeeze!

Keen to know more? Need your questions answering? Feel free to get in touch. Throughout May, Eqvvs is offering a 30min FREE personal training consultation. Get in touch at the studio, 02078381138, on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for further tips and advice.