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Tour du Mont Blanc Trek - Nic's Blog - Eqvvs

Tour du Mont Blanc Trek – Nic’s Blog

By August 12, 2013Uncategorized
2013-07-20 12.09.46

BOOM! We made it! We completed the western half of the world-famous Tour du Mont Blanc circuit. 6 days of hard trekking through Italy, Switzerland and France and we made it without a blister!

Instead of the usual blog post, I thought I would just share my highs and lows from our eventful trip.

High points

  • The views – The views were just spectacular. It didn’t feel real. I wanted to reach out and touch the mountains in front. 
  • My feet – Not only was I blister free, but I honestly couldn’t get my head around how far your feet can take you. When you’re at the top of a mountain and you look back and see where you have walked from it is an incredible feeling. 
  • The little old lady – She blew my mind! She was on her own, had numerous pairs of colored gloves and seemed to appear wherever we were, in fact usually beating us to the top! I actually think Sophie was carrying her in her pocket.
  • Here is a great selfie that Dan took with her.

    Here is a great selfie that Dan took with her.

    Blur at Paleo Festival – They still know how to drop a BEAT and let’s be honest, Damon Albarn is still hot.

  • My fello Trekkers – I genuinely feel I have made some friends for life. I said to Mark before we left that there is bound to be one *tool* but there wasn’t! A great bunch a people that I thoroughly loved sharing this experience with.
  • Phil & Emily our trek guides, organised through 360 Expeditions – These guys hosted a great trek. Right from the beginning at the airport when Phil did a head count I knew we were in safe hands. It was great to learn about their travels and treks. I am still blown away that Emily was running up our last mountain in a race 2 days after our trek finished. She crazy.
  • Neale – My fellow trekker with endless jokes and comedy antics. I especially loved his surprise at how much Heather Small had changed when -M- appeared on stage at Paleo.
  • The Scouse girls – Just saying if I had blisters like Jade I wouldn’t have walked 1 day, let alone most of the trek. These girls were serious troupers.
  • My birthday sausage – As you know we had to carry our own kit, so carrying a birthday cake over the mountains was a tough challenge. My birthday sausage with accompanying candles was amazing. A birthday I will truly never forget.
  • Lily – A few things that surprised me about Lily. The fact that she eats like a 20 stone man, the fact she bursts into the Annie soundtrack when she’s had a few drinks and the fact that she flew up the mountains with little training blew my mind.
  • Phil and his un – PC jokes
  • Marks camp dancing – Yep. You heard it. Give the man a litre of rum and watch his alter ego appear. Give him a white cricket hat and you have comedy gold. Impressive Mr Harrop!
  • The support from family, friends and clients – Team Eqvvs raised just under £9k. An amazing amount. The support from everyone has been fantastic and we were stoked to have raised as much as we did for Trekstock. You can still support us by donating via our Virgin Money Giving Page.

Low points

  • The first day – A long day of trekking after a late tea (more like supper!) and a busy week of work. I had a headache of doom. I had sweat dripping off me and I simply couldn’t catch my breath! I honestly thought ‘if the whole week is going to be like this I am a gonner!’ Thankfully on day 2, Emily paced a few of us up to the top of the mountain and I worked out that the day before I was simply going too quick.
  • Phil and his un PC jokes. 
  • Putting the tents up at Paleo – In 35 degree heat with a hangover that would have bed ridden most people we had to put the tents up, sweated like hairy men and eventually flaked out. 
  • Cold showers – We were in fact lucky to have showers at all. But after 10 hours of wearing your boots, a cold shower and the tiniest of bath towels made showering an interesting experience. 
  • My daily wet sports bra – Carrying my own kit for the whole week I packed super light. Every night I washed (usually in my cold shower) my shorts/t-shirt and bra. Shorts and t-shirts dried a treat, sports bra never did. Enter talcum powder!
  • The amount I sweated – To be fair, this is also a high point (obviously the amount I sweat is a sign that I am an elite athlete!). The low point was that I constantly sweated off my sun tan lotion. Good job we all had an endless supply of P20. 
  • The team singing happy birthday to me as I tried to have a wee on my birthday on the mountain. Two words – stage fright. 
  • The bread – If I never see a white baguette again I will be happy! Breakfast was classic baguette and jam, lunch was a cheese or ham baguette and evening meal was usually bread and salad for starters. On this type of trek you actually can’t eat enough, so I certainly was not bothered about calories, just my taste buds were craving flavour on my return.