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Aromatherapy Associates Wellbeing Experts

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Aromatherapy Associates Wellbeing Experts Eqvvs Training is delighted to be working with Aromatherapy Associates with Nicola Addison sitting on their panel of wellbeing experts. As the spokesperson for the De-Stress Collection Nicola will be driving the collaboration between exercise and wellness to enhance lives. Nicola understands how relaxation is a collaborative process between the products you use and the actions...
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5 of 5 – The Clean

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5 of 5 – The Clean Check out Nic & Claud’s 5 of 5 circuit. That is 5 moves, 5 reps, 5 sets. BOOM! The girls are in their strength phase, lifting heavy weight and doing low reps. Building muscle and burning fat for the WIN! Originally used for weightlifting performance, the clean is widely used in exercise routines for…

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Home Workout Series – The Press Up

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A great place to start the press up is against the wall. Start a couple of steps back from the wall up on your tip toes. Hands wide, elbows in line with your wrists. Brace the core and lower chest towards the wall. Slowly drive back away from the wall. Try the next progressions for more of a workout. Go…

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