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We are now a stockist for Wild Nutrition - Eqvvs

We are now a stockist for Wild Nutrition

By May 11, 2015Nutrition

You may have noticed that Eqvvs has now started retailing nutritional supplements. We thought long and hard about which products to stock and which supplier to use and then realised that we would be better leaving it to our nutritionist and expert advisor Rob Hobson.

Not only does he have lots of fancy letters after his name but he has also just had his first book published along with our good friends over at The Detox Kitchen. It is called The Detox Bible and we’ve just started reading our copy.

Why Wild Nutrition?

Wild Nutrition is a family-run business that champions UK production. They manufacture their product range in the UK and source as many ingredients as possible from this country. Rather than using synthetic, isolated forms of nutrients Wild Nutrition produce ‘Food-State’ supplements using whole food ingredients that are super absorbable.

Each bottle provides a month long supply. As a general rule nutritional changes at a cellular level take 28 days. So it’s recommended to take a whole bottle and then assess the results.

Why do I need to take supplements?

We asked Rob this very simple question and this is his answer:

Supplements don’t treat disease and a well balanced diet will provide you with everything you need, however, there may be times and circumstances when you require a supplement to ‘bridge the nutritional gap’, act as a ‘back-up’ or help support your health in the case of deficiency.

UK food surveys show that a significant number of people do not get enough of what they need from the food they eat, particularly minerals, including iron, magnesium and selenium.

It has also been shown that in the UK nearly 50% of us are deficient in vitamin D during the winter months, which may warrants a supplement as this nutrient is difficult to obtain from diet alone.

Some population groups are at greater risk of becoming deficient in certain nutrients including vegans, vegetarians and others who exclude certain foods from their diet (e.g. people who do not eat omega 3 rich oily fish).

Others are recommended by government to take supplements at certain stages of their life, such as pregnant women (folic acid – 400mg per day).

Very intense training regimes and lifestyle factors such as stress can also leave the body requiring a greater supply of nutrients.

Some nutrients may be useful to help with the symptoms of certain conditions such as vitamin B6 (PMS) or inflammatory skin conditions (Psoriasis) although many of these are yet to be definitively proven.

Food should always come first then consider a supplement!

I think you will agree that Rob pretty much sums it up.