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Wild Nutrition Product Information - Eqvvs

Wild Nutrition Product Information

Wild Nutrition Group Product Image

We announced yesterday that we are now stockists for Wild Nutrition.

Rob & Wild Nutrition have given us a brief insight into each product and what it actually does;

Women’s Daily Multi Nutrient

Perfect for the modern woman in her fertility years. Acting as a stress reliever, fertility preserver and cycle regulator as well as nourishing at a deep cellular level.

Women’s Daily Multi 45+

Focuses on the post fertile years and the needs of the body during and after a hormonal change – aimed less on flow and fertility and more on anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, energy giving, optimising digestion and bone density.

Men’s Daily Multi Nutrient

Fills in any nutritional gaps if there is any, helps with recovery from exercise, supports a healthy sleep pattern, supports immune function and buffers stress levels.


A HUGE percentage of the western world is deficient in magnesium due to soil quality and food production. Symptoms of Magnesium deficiency – muscle cramps and excess muscular tension, sleep problems, super busy minds with no switch off, constipation, mood, Chocolate cravings, particularly before having a period, are usually a sign of Magnesium deficiency.

Omega 3

Hydration not only comes from water but we need great fats too. Omegas are anti-inflammatory, brain nourishing, joint supporting and more.

Multi biotics

You’re immune system lives in your gut, it’s known as the second brain. Multi Biotics help to improve transit time, combat bloating, improve gut environment so that healthy bacteria can flourish so you are better supported from your very core. This product is a powder so it can be used as a wash too on athletes foot, acne, intimately as well as being taken internally. (It’s a high dose which doesn’t require to be taken constantly, as in bottle after bottle. Nature can do the maintenance after that)

GTF Chromium & Antioxidants

This is wonderful for balancing blood sugar to help aid the body in its normal functions. In the modern world we are faced with a lot more sugary things, and can suffer with ‘empty’ hunger as the glucose crashes hit so go back for another sugary hit. This product can help regulate blood sugar as well as providing more energy through out the day because of the anti-oxidants alongside the Chromium. The desire to get a fix from sugar is reduced because of this. It can also help with weight management and blood sugar issues.

B Complex Plus

B vitamins play a huge role in making energy at a cellular level. During times of stress or strain from physical exertion we use massive amounts of B vits, as well as drawing on our stores of magnesium and CoQ10. (Magnesium being responsible for muscle ease and stress relief and Co Q10 playing a huge role in heart and brain health.) This blend from Wild Nutrition contains all of these in a readily available form as well as including ashwaganda which soothes the adrenal glands which are responsible for the bodies stress response, which can be a tiring job in a modern world. In short it nourishes and restores the right levels of B vits and at the same time combats the stress that draws on them in the first place.

We had a couple of final questions for our nutritionist Rob…

What does food state exactly mean?

We get nutrients from the food we eat, but they don’t exist alone, and it’s in the presence of other co-factors (co-enzymes) that they are absorbed and utilised. Without these co-factors it can be more difficult for the body to absorb and put nutrients to good use.

 Unlike synthetic, isolated forms of nutrients, those found in ‘Food-State’ supplements are bonded in a genuine food complex such as citrus, carrot, cabbage or alfalfa meaning they are delivered in partnership with the co-factors (co-enzymes).

 ‘Food-State’ supplements have greater bioavailability meaning they are easily absorbed through the digestive system and delivered to the cellular level.

 Co-factors help target the delivery of nutrients meaning they have a better chance of getting where they need to be.

 Large doses are not necessary given superior bioavailability.

And finally we asked Rob “What’s the very least I should be taking daily?”

 The first step is to address you dietary intake but as a back up then a daily multivitamin and mineral will help you to get everything you need. If you eat less that 2 portions of oily fish each week then you may want to consider an omega 3 supplement as this essential fatty acid must be obtained from the diet.

Check out the evidence!

For a greater in depth overview of Food-State and it’s origins please click this download.